Manchester’s Irish Community March to save RTE252

Manchester Irish Festival 2019

A group from Manchester’s Irish Community aged 8 to 80 came together to try and help save RTÉ Radios Longwave 252 programme.

The group marched in this years 3.5 mile St Patrick’s Day Parade in Manchester, battling through Hail Stones and Bitter winds and the aftermath of storm Freya to highlight their cause.

The group were led by Margaret Golden who has been campaigning for the last five years to try and save the popular Irish Radio Station, which is under threat of closure on its long wave broadcast.

The much loved radio programme provides a link for the Irish Diaspora living in the UK with all the news and sport from back home. Margaret has managed to gather fifty volunteers to march in the parade to represent their County by wearing a specially created sash.

When asked about why she got involved in the parade Margaret who Irish roots stem from Stonefield near Belmullet in Mayo replied “In 2014 when they first threatened to pull LW252 off the air in the UK a dear friend of mine, Fergus Wood (who has since died RIP) asked me what are we going to do when LW252 goes off the air? Although the station has had a reprieve they are still thinking about taking it off the air in the UK. That is why we decided to do something at this year’s Parade, it started out with just me and my two friends Mary Collins and Myra Butler but we have not got 50 and who knows if the sons and grandsons of those people that listen to the station join in we might get 252!”